Immunophen Pine Cone Remedy

IMMUNOPHEN™ All-Natural Liquid Pine Cone Extract

IMMUNOPHEN™ is an all-natural liquid pine cone extract designed to boost and strengthen your immune system. A stronger immune system means your body can more effectively fight against candida overgrowth, bladder infections, yeast infections and cold or flu. Order your first bottle today and feel the results for yourself.

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Immune System Health

Eating a healthy diet, getting regular sleep, and enjoying plenty of fresh air and exercise, all lay a great foundation for good health. Additionally, your immune system acts as your body’s first line of defense when it comes to illness and infection.

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However, sometimes you need an immune system boost from nutritional supplements that provide your body the immune support it needs to heal and recover.

Natural supplements are a great alternative choice if you’re looking to help support your body’s natural immunity.

Encourage your body to what comes naturally – fight pathogen invaders, reduce the presence of symptoms from issues like candida overgrowth, yeast infections, bladder infections and cold or flu.

Immune System Health

Why A Dietary Supplement To Boost Your Immune System?

When you have a compromised or weakened immune system, you may find yourself feeling tired, overworked, stressed, and constantly sick. You may feel like your body just can’t keep up.

Enhance your immune system

Fortunately, there are immune system enhancers, like IMMUNOPHEN™ designed to strengthen and support your immune system for optimal health.

IMMUNOPHEN™ is an all-natural dietary supplement containing LIGNAPLEX™ - a natural botanical extract derived from Scots pine cones grown in the pristine forests of North America.

Immune System Health

Pine cone extract (PCE) has been shown to enhance your immune system while your body naturally fights acute and chronic disease.

A healthy immune system will enable you to spend more time doing the things you love and participating in the activities you enjoy most.

IMMUNOPHEN™ helps you get your life back.

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Want To Learn More About Building A Healthy Immune System?

While supplements can provide a significant and immediate boost to your body’s natural immunity, there are other ways to enhance immunity as well.

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The Science Behind IMMUNOPHEN™

Medicinal History

Medical history of pine cones

The medicinal history of pine cone extract dates back to Greek Physician Dioscorides in A.D. 514. In modern day Japan, pine cone extract is also used as a natural remedy to treat an array of conditions ranging from the common cold to cancer.

Immune Boosting

Use of pine cone cells

Pine cone extract has shown in research studies to promote the formation of mature dendritic immune cells. Dendritic cells are the most potent antigen presenting cells of the immune system. The more of these important immune cells you have, the better chance your immune system can fight infections.

Extensive Research

Scientific pine cone publications

There are over 30 peer-reviewed scientific publications on the use of pine cone extract, more than any other all-natural supplement ever brought to the market. Pine cone extract is an invaluable tool in addressing chronic immune deficiency conditions.

Immunophen Pine Cone extract bottle

“To date, I have identified and reviewed approximately 40 articles regarding the investigations of pine cone extracts from the mid-1980’s to date in scientific journals. I have received positive information regarding the antiviral, antifungal, and most importantly antitumorigenic activity of pine cone extract. I firmly believe that IMMUNOPHEN™ in daily 100mg/day format is safe and effective in order to boost your body’s immune system.

Dr. Adam C. Lee

(Ph.D. DTCM)

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