What Is Immunophen?

Immunophen™ is an all-natural dietary supplement that contains LignaPlex™, a highly purified, standardized botanical extract derived from Scots pine cones.

Immunophen™ is designed to enhance your immune system naturally.

Medical Ingredients

The medical ingredients in Immunophen include Pine Cone Extract (Pinus Sylvestris) 100mg/1ml, and L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) 20 mg/1ml. Additionally, other ingredients include: Distilled Water, Vegetable Glycerin, Potassium Citrate, and Grape Alcohol. Immunophen does not include: Sugar, Diary, Nuts, Wheat, Soy, Yeast, Animal Products, or any Artificial Colors or Flavors.

As a dietary supplement, our suggested usage is to take 20 drops (1ml) once per day

What is holistic health?

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Why a Pine Cone Dietary Supplement?

Ancient Greek physician Dioscorides was first to document the health benefits of pine cone extract in his influential work on herbal remedies, De Materia Medica.

In modern-day Japan, the people of Kyushu Island drink a tea prepared from pine cones to treat ailments

In modern-day Japan, the people of Kyushu Island drink a tea prepared from pine cones to treat ailments ranging from the common cold to cancer.

Over the past 25 years, independent scientists have published 31 studies documenting the power the Pine Cone Extract to enhance disease-fighting capabilities while lowering inflammation and allergy symptoms.

Our Patented Pine Cone Extraction Process

LignaPlex™ - our pine cone extract - is extracted through a natural process that does not involve any harmful or toxic chemicals. Our organic pine cones are processed using a patented extraction method under strict sanitary guidelines to standardize the active ingredient – LignaPlex™.

The liquid pine cone extract is also extensively tested to ensure it’s free from allergens, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and microbiological contamination.

Our Patented Pine Cone Extraction Process

Immune System Health

Immunity is an important component of your overall health

Immunity is an important component of your overall health. Consuming immune boosting natural products, can be beneficial towards promoting the function of a healthy immune system. No matter where you are on your journey to increased health and wellness, taking Immunophen™ daily can enhance your immune health.

If you are struggling with...


  • Candida, yeast and bladder infections
  • Colds, flu, bacterial and viral infections
  • Compromised immune system


  Immunophen™ can help.



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