“To date, I have identified and reviewed approximately 40 articles regarding the investigations of pine cone extracts from the mid-1980’s to date in scientific journals. I have received positive information regarding the antiviral, antifungal, and most importantly antitumorigenic activity of Immunophen with LignaPlex. I firmly believe that the natural produce extract in daily 100mg/day format is safe and effective in order to boost the immune system by facilitating the body’s ability to mature naïve dendritic cells.”

-Dr. Adam C. Lee (Ph.D. DTCM)
White Rock, BC, Canada


“I have reviewed Immunophen and researched the scientific data. Several reputable scientific studies suggest antiviral and immunopotentiating activities of pinecone extracts. As such indications for use may include treatment of viral infections such as influenza and the common cold. I believe Immunophen is a safe and appropriate natural extract with significant scientific and research to support antiviral and immunopotentiating benefits in clinical use.”

-Dr. Albert J. Lamprecht (M.B.,Ch.B CCFP EM)
White Rock, BC, Canada


"The safety data sheet on Immunophen is impeccable with the FDA stating "there are no known side effects". Immunophen contains Ligna-Plex, an all natural botanical extract derived from Pinus Sylvestris designed to strengthen and maintain a healthy immune system. Ligna-Plex balances and boosts your immune system so your body can better defend itself against inflammation, colds, flu, viruses and bacteria. A well balanced immune system is also responsible for a proper allergen response decreasing inappropriate allergic responses. With prophylactic doses of 100mg. per day, a significant decrease of allergy symptoms in members of my family has been witnessed. I would not hesitate to recommend Immunophen as a safe and effective product." 

-Dr. Darrell M.Douglas (Dds)
Richmond, B.C. Canada


"With having 2 kids 9 & 12, I would catch a cold or flu from them at least once a month. However, since taking a daily dose of Immunophen I hardly ever get sick. This product is amazing. I will always have some on hand and take it regularly."

-Greg Remillard

White Rock, BC, Canada


"I am a 71 year old active and healthy grandmother of 4. I am able to enjoy life to the fullest. It goes without saying that optimum health is the greatest gift of all. Happily, I am able to enjoy my senior years in good health. Having a healthy immune system is the catalyst and I attribute this to a wonderful product called " Immunophen." I Only take it once a day to keep me healthy and for that I am grateful!"

-Marlene Summers
Kamloops, BC, Canada


"Before using the extract, ingesting onion made me extremely ill with severe gastro-intestinal upset including sharp stomach pains, vomiting, diarrhea and headaches. The pinecone extract has greatly reduced my sensitivity to onions. I went off the extract just to see what would happen and I immediately got a cold and because I had gone back to allowing onions into my diet, I had an allergic reaction. Once I resumed taking the pine cone extract, I could again tolerate onions within a few days.  Immunophen™ really works and I recommend anyone use it to improve their overall health."

-Mike Lawrence
Kamloops, BC, Canada