Nutritional Supplements

Understanding Nutritional Deficiency

Nutritional deficiency can occur if you are not consuming an optimal variety of natural and healthy foods. It can also occur in cases where the body is actually unable to process and absorb certain nutrients.

These deficiencies can lead to many health problems if left untreated. Complaints like skin disorders, digestion problems, stunted or defective bone growth, and even dementia can be fully or partially caused by nutrient deficiencies.

Some of the most common causes of nutritional deficiencies are muscle cramps, inflammation, fatigue, and Iron deficiency anemia.

A weakened immune system

Look at your diet


If you’re feeling generally unwell, it may be time to look at your diet and take stock of what you’re putting into your body. If you are not consuming the nutrients your body needs, it can’t perform optimally - or thrive!

Changing your diet may help. For example, eating more green leafy vegetables, red meat, and egg yolks - all foods rich in Iron - can help with conditions like Iron deficiency anemia. However, if you have a severe nutritional deficiency you may need to incorporate and consume natural supplements.


What are Natural Supplements?

Dietary supplement(s) are additions or supplements to a balanced and healthy diet. They are often administered in order to supply needed extra micronutrients, like vitamins and minerals, lacking in a well-rounded diet.

In rare cases, natural supplements are also recommended when a person has an acute nutritional deficiency or an inability to absorb nutrients even after consuming them.

Other dietary supplements can provide unique compounds that can help us achieve objectives like boosting immune system efficiency, boosting memory, improving bone and joint health, or even affecting our metabolisms in ways that help us lose weight.

What is the immune system

How to Choose a Natural Energy Supplement

Choosing a natural energy supplement should generally be based on three things - quality, safety, and efficacy (i.e. how well the product actually works.)

Here are a few things to keep in mind when evaluating any supplement brand or product to see if it is the right fit for you.


Immunity quality

Read and research each ingredient in the supplement to make sure you know what you’re taking. Compare different brands with the same active ingredient(s). Choose a brand that contains the purest, most potent, and highest quality natural ingredients with no added fillers.

Products made in Canada and other European countries such as Germany must be licensed through the government before they can be sold. These strict regulations ensure the consumer is getting exactly what is on the label.


Immunity and safety

Sometimes, the way that ingredients are processed and extracted can be inefficient. Or worse - dangerous! Products made in countries that must follow a strict regulatory body are the safest.

Make sure that the brand you choose is one with high safety standards for their ingredients and how the product is manufactured. To determine a company’s commitment to safety, look for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and organic certifications if applicable.


Immunity efficacy

Some companies that produce supplements make outrageous claims. Since many dietary supplements and their claims may not be extensively evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) it’s important to do your own research. When considering a new nutritional supplement make sure there is a body of scientific research that supports any claims made.

Pine cone extract, for example, is backed by numerous studies and plenty of research. This scientific research proves specific compounds found in pine cones can help boost the immune system and lower the risk of illness and infection. Learn more about the science behind Immunophen.

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