Q.  How long has pinecone extract been used?
A.  There is a long history of pinecone extract use in Japan and around the world. Pinecone extract has proven to be extremely safe.

Q.  What is Immunophen™?
A.  Immunophen™ is an all-natural dietary supplement containing LignaPlex™, a botanical extract derived from scots pine cones.

Q.  What does it contain?
A.   Immunophen™ is a super charged complex pine cone extract rich in polysaccharides, polyphenols, and lignins. It also contains absorbic acid (vitamin C).

Q.  Are there any known side effects?
A.  Immunophen™ has been sold world wide with no reported side effects.

Q.  Is it all natural?
A.  Yes, Immunophen™ is 100% all-natural.

Q.  Should I take Immunophen™ everyday?
A.  Immunophen™ has been designed to take everyday. As a dietary supplement, take 20 drops (1mL) once per day.

Q.  Where is Immunophen™ manufactured?
A.  Immunophen™ is manufactured in a Canadian site licensed facility.

Q.  Can I take Immunophen™ with my other dietary supplements?
A.  Yes, Immunophen™ has been designed to take with other dietary supplements.

Q.  Can I take Immunophen™ with prescription medications?
A.  We recommend that you consult with your physician if taking medication or have a medical condition.