About Us

Cellderm Technologies Inc. ("Cellderm" or the company) is a research and development company dedicated to producing high quality natural products promoting wellness and fighting disease. Cellderm has in place a proprietary, all- natural, botanical extraction technology developed to produce Holistic (Wholistic) Full-Spectrum Extracts aimed at managing various types of pain and ailments.

We have over fifty years of collective experience in alternative medicine, extraction, isolation, purification and phytochemistry. Our research continues with many promising discoveries of novel compounds to aid in the fight against illness and disease.

Founded in 2003 Cellderm Technologies Inc. is a Canadian corporation located in beautiful White Rock, British Columbia, Canada.

Cellderm Technologies Inc. holds the rights to a patended process to make, use, manufacture, and develop LignaPlex™, an all-natural extract derived from scots pine cones.