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Natural Remedies To Help Soothe A Sore Throat

With cold and flu season approaching, sore throats are a common complaint and concern for many. That scratchy sensation, that pain when swallowing, that hoarseness in the voice… we’ve all experienced it and it can be one of the most pesky symptoms of a cold, or a symptom of another potentially more serious infection.   If your sore throat is severe, is accompanied by a high fever, or persists for more than a couple days, be sure to get checked by your doctor.   In the mean time, the tips below can help naturally and safely soothe your throat while also boosting your body’s ability to recover.   Raw Honey – Raw or unpasteurized honey contains antimicrobial properties that can...

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Apple Cider Vinegar: A Must-Have Remedy To Have In Your Home

Who doesn’t love a good multi-functioning product? Did you know that there’s an inexpensive product out there that can clean your kitchen, add flavour to your meals, cure a cold, and give you shiny hair?   Apple cider vinegar is one of my favourite multi-purpose products. It’s an essential part of my home and can easily and safely replace many products in your home that might be full of harmful chemicals!   When purchasing apple cider vinegar, be sure to look for raw and organic versions that contain “the mother.” This means that all of the beneficial, live bacteria and yeast are still in the bottle, and this is what you want!   You may notice brown sediment or stringy...

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