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Zinc: The Immune Support Mineral

Immune related disorders are one of the most common health problems that currently exist. While it may be common, it’s not normal to be constantly suffering from colds and infections; it’s a sign that your immune system needs a little bit of extra love. And there’s so many ways to do this – from nutrition to herbal supplements, to stress management. Today I’m talking about one particular nutrient that is so important to maintaining a healthy immune system – zinc!   Have you heard the buzz about zinc? It’s an incredibly important mineral and is a component of over 200 different enzymes – meaning it has a huge number of functions in the body! We also need to consume it...

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How We Can Influence Our Gut Health To Improve Our Immunity

The immune system is such a vital part of our overall health – not only does it protect us from acute illness like colds and flu, a healthy immune system also prevents serious disease like cancer and autoimmune conditions. It also lessens our chances of developing food sensitivities and allergies.   While the immune system includes many different elements throughout the body, a huge part of it lies in our digestive tract or, more specifically our gut.   How can you support the health of your gut and effectively improve your overall health? Well, you can start with the bacteria that live there. The gut is home to about 3 pounds of bacteria. Depending on the balance of friendly bacteria...

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3 Holistic Tips To Help You Quit Sugar For Good!

One of the latest and most popular pieces of health advice given is to quit sugar. After decades of fearing fat, both science and food industries are realizing that we got it wrong – while yes, some fats should be avoided (think trans-fats!), it’s really sugar that is to blame for much of our society’s health problems.   Not only is sugar a major contributor to the obesity epidemic in North America, it is also highly inflammatory to the body, it suppresses the immune system, and it can be very addicting!   That last point is what makes the advice to limit your sugar intake so difficult – it doesn’t take into account how difficult it is to quit such...

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