Even though your ideal image of retirement might be ten, twenty or thirty years away this is the moment to realistically examine that dream. And it’s not about money. Those retirement fund ads, showing the happy silver haired couple living the dream, have got it wrong. Sad to say the latest research suggests retiring may have a significantly negative impact on your physical and emotional health – especially if you come into retirement after a lifetime of questionable diet and little exercise. And, let’s be honest, this applies to all of us in an era of fast food and zero extra time. No amount of money can buy good health. That’s a fact. So maybe it’s time to start a different kind of retirement fund. 

Work Longer, Live Healthier

According to a new report, released in May this year by the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA), following an initial boost in health, retirement increases your risk of clinical depression by 40 percent while raising your chances of being diagnosed with a physical ailment by 60 percent. This paper indicates that being retired decreases physical and mental health. This adverse effect increases as the number of years spent in retirement increases. Whereas, 114 year-old, Walter Breuning noted that keeping your mind and body busy was one of the key secrets to staying healthy and he was right. 

Don’t Retire

What a concept. If you love your job think in terms of working at it for a very long time. If you hate your job then maybe now is the time to start nourishing your passions. And if you don’t know what those are start exploring them. In other words get ready. In fact, a report by the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies found that 56 percent of Americans expect to work past age 65 or do not plan to retire at all. Further, the majority of workers (54 percent) plan to work even after they retire. The truth is, many people are now embracing their older years as some of the most fulfilling of their lives. But it requires great health to get there and that has to start now. 

The Best Ways To Stay Healthy & Fit For Life:

  • Add Sprouts to Your Diet – because they can contain up to 39 times the nutrition of organic vegetables grown in your own garden and allow your body to extract more vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fats from the foods you eat

  • Make Probiotics A Daily Staple – because your gut is home to countless bacteria both beneficial and pathogenic. These bacteria outnumber the cells in your body by at least ten to one and maintaining the ideal balance of good and bad bacteria forms the foundation for good health – physical, mental and emotional. In fact, your gut literally serves as your second brain and even produces more of the neurotransmitter serotonin than your brain does

  • Optimize Your Vitamin D Levels – because when you take a good quality supplement and expose your skin to the sun you synthesize high amounts of cholesterol sulfate very important for cardiovascular health. In fact, Dr. Stephanie Seneff believes that high LDL and associated heart disease may in fact be a symptom of cholesterol sulfate deficiency. This deficiency, interestingly, also promotes obesity and related health problems like diabetes

  • Include Interval Training In A Regular Exercise Program – because short bursts of high intensity exercise significantly improves insulin sensitivity, boosts fat loss, and increases muscle growth. Best of all, high intensity exercises are so efficient, you can get all the benefits you need in just a 20-minute session performed two or three times a week

  • Drink Pure Water – because your body requires a constant daily supply of water to fuel all the various waste filtration systems nature has designed to keep your body healthy and free of toxins. If you could only afford one filter, there is no question in most expert’s minds that the shower filter is the most important product to buy for water filtration, even more important than filtering your tap water. This is because the damage you incur through your skin and lungs far surpasses the damage done by drinking water (which at least gives your body a fighting chance to eliminate the toxins through your organs of elimination).

  • Eat Good Food – by limiting or eliminating processed foods and replacing non-vegetable carbohydrates and excess protein with healthful fats. Beneficial fats include avocados, coconut oil, olives, olive oil, butter and nuts. Wild Alaskan salmon is also a powerhouse of nutrition, providing critical omega-3 fats. As a general rule, when you cut down on carbs you need to increase your fat consumption. Both are sources of much-needed energy but radical as this sounds fats are a source of energy that is far more ideal than carbohydrates. Replacing carbs with more protein is not a wise choice as it can produce similar adverse hormonal changes as burning non-vegetable carbs

  • Avoid Toxins – because phthalates found in soft plastics as well as many toiletries, including shampoo, toothpaste, and cosmetics, are one of the most pervasive types of endocrine disrupting chemicals discovered so far and have been linked to a wide range of developmental and reproductive “gender-bending” effects. Whenever possible opt for glass over plastic especially when it comes to products that will come into contact with food or beverages or those intended for pregnant women, infants and children. This applies to canned goods as well

  • Intermittent Fasting – because fasting can help shift the body from burning sugar and carbohydrates to burning fat as its primary fuel. Fasting can boost your body’s production of human growth hormone (HGH) by as much as 1,300 percent in women and 2,000 percent in men. HGH, commonly referred to as "the fitness hormone," plays an important role in maintaining health, fitness and longevity, including promotion of muscle growth, and boosting fat loss by revving up your metabolism. The easiest way to fast is to simply give up breakfast and eat only between the hours of 11 am to 7 pm

  • Get Enough Sleep – because poor sleep has been linked to a number of health ailments, including short-term memory loss, behavioral problems, weight gain, diabetes, increased risk of heart disease and cancer

  • Begin Caring For Your Immune System Now – because a strong immune system will protect you from diseases that come with age before they can make your longed-for retirement a time of misery instead of joy.

    And really think about that work thing. It just might be the key to a long and happy life.