The average person gets hit with at least 3 colds per year. Don’t be another statistic. With the cold and flu season quickly approaching, learn how to prevent yourself from getting sick with these natural cold and flu remedies.


Relax With Massage Therapy

Regular massage therapy sessions decrease the body's level of cortisol, a stress hormone that can take a toll on your immune system. Consistent rubdowns will stimulate your nervous system and help decrease the production of cortisol, which in turn will benefit toward your immune system. If you’re on a budget or cannot find the time to make an appointment, try using a foam massage roller on the floor. Have your back positioned perpendicular to the roller, then slowly use an up and down motion to roll out any knots or sore areas on your back.

Increase Your Vitamin D Levels

Vitamin D is an essential super nutrient that strengthens bones, helps with inflammation and effectively boosts immunity. Research also indicates that vitamin D can help prevent infections. This is because vitamin D helps your body produce a protein called cathelicidin, which fights bacteria and viruses. It is important to get adequate amounts of vitamin D, because deficiencies can lead to a weakened immune system. The best food sources that are enriched with vitamin D include salmon, portabello mushrooms, tofu and fish oils. However, getting enough vitamin D through sunlight and diet is difficult. Therefore, invest in 1000 IU vitamin D supplements to attain optimum levels of the super nutrient throughout the day.

Tip: During winter months, take two 1000 IU vitamin D supplements a day when the natural sun's rays are not as strong.